Disappointed at no City of Culture bid

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is organising a competition to name the UK's city of culture in 2013. I believe that Dundee would be a strong contender for this award and I am very disappointed that Dundee did not put forward a bid. I hope that a bid will be forthcoming in the future. I think that this would help to promote the excellent work done right across Dundee regenerating the city through culture. I do hope that it is not the fact that this is a UK award which prevented the SNP administration in Dundee from applying.

Below you will find a statement which I have put out about this important issue.

Disappointed at no 'city of culture' bid

Councillor Richard McCready, Scottish Labour spokesperson for Leisure, Arts and Communities on Dundee City Council, today expressed his disappointment that Dundee has not applied to be UK City of Culture in 2013. Councillor McCready believes that Dundee would be a strong contender for the title and that victory in such a contest would enhance Dundee's reputation and make a contribution to the campaign to site V & A in Dundee.

Councillor Richard McCready said, 'I was disappointed to see that Dundee had not applied to be the UK City of Culture. Dundee has spent a lot of time and effort on promoting culture in the city in order to regenerate the city. Dundee has a well deserved reputation for cultural excellence and I think applying for this accolade would have enhanced Dundee's reputation. After looking at the criteria for this award I think that Dundee would have been a strong contender for this reward.'

'I fully support the campaign to ensure that the V & A opens in Dundee I believe being named UK City of Culture would have made this more likely. I hope that Dundee will apply for this accolade in future years. Investment in culture in the city in recent years has played a major part in changing perceptions of the city. Dundee has much to be proud of in cultural terms. The Rep, DCA, the universities and Dundee College along with the city council put Dundee at the forefront of cultural provision. Dundee is at the forefront of cultural provision in Scotland and can, I believe, hold her own in the UK context.'

'I hope that Dundee will be the UK City of Culture before too long. Dundee is a great city with excellent cultural provision, everyone in the city should be proud of the city's cultural achievements.'

'I note that cities from across the UK have applied for this accolade I would be very disappointed if Dundee City Council had not applied because this is a UK accolade. It is important that everyone in the city works together to promote the excellent cultural provision in Dundee.'

For details of the City of Culture programme see the DCMS news release