Council Committees

Last night there were a variety of council committee meetings, I will deal with the Brandon Muir case in a separate post, this post will deal with the main points which I raised at the committees. To see the agendas click here.

At the City Development Committee there was a report on an event called Winter Light Night. This is to replace the Christmas Lights Switch on this year. Along with my colleagues Kevin Keenan and Laurie Bidwell I raised concerns about changing the name from Christmas.

I said, 'I think that this sounds like an interesting event and I hope that it is successful. I note that this is to be this year's pre-Christmas event. I would say that the traditional Christmas lights switch on usually on a Sunday and usually saying what it does on the tin by being called the Christmas Lights Switch On is one of the more successful events in Dundee each year. Does the report reflect on the impact of not having that Sunday afternoon event and will there be a return to a Sunday afternoon event in future years? Was there any consideration given to calling the event Christmas Light Night, people whether they are religious or not understand what Christmas is will they all know what Winter Light Night is?'

At the Leisure, Arts and Communities Committee I raised concerns about the value for money offered by membership of professional organisations. I asked how far a budget of £26,000 would go in resurfacing roads in Camperdown Park.

At the Policy and Resources Committee a report spoke about the impact school building can have on the economy of the city. I raised my concern that the council should bring forward the building of new schools in the West End and in Lochee/Charleston as a matter of urgency, whilst ensuring that there is due process. I also suggested that the Council bring forward the refurbishment of Harris Academy. Officers of the council stated that they would get back to me on this issue. I am very clear that if Labour was still in power Harris Academy would have been our next priority, its refurbishment is much needed. I will continue to press the council for action on this.