Tribute to Jack Jones

22 April 2009

West End Labour Councillor Richard McCready today joined the many people payingtribute to the life and career of former trade union leader Jack Jones who died yesterday.

Richard McCready said, "I was very sorry to hear of the death of Jack Jones.

"Iwas privileged to meet him in Dundee in October last year when he attended theInternational Brigades Memorial Trust AGM which was held in the city.

"Even as an elderly man you could still sense the passion for justice which drove himthroughout his life whether on the battlefield during the Spanish Civil War or later on defending workers and later pensioners closer to home.

"To get thechance to hear some of the stories of his exploits was indeed a privilege.

"The labour and trade union movement have lost a true champion and he will be missed but it is important to remember all the things he achieved in his life.'